The Heritage Day was celebrated in style with a contest by luncheon club members.

Each club participated in  a grand parade leaving behind five contestants who

would compete and the audience would select the winner focusing on cultural dress

code and movements...  read more

The Mandela Day started with a visit from the SABC (Free State and North West)and

Lesedi FM. They started with cleaning of the resident rooms, then theyentertained

our elderly with music,provided gifts and a cake. This visit wasdone a day before

the official Mandela Day...  reade more

Our Mothers Day was on the 16th of May 2013.  We had traditional dance from students

from Marang Primary School and Working on Fire who sang and made a drill demonstration. 

We gave each mother a card and the programme...  read more

Our Easter Service for this year was led by the Bicentenary Methodist Church from

Bochabela.  The service was meant for all our older people in all programmes,as

most of them did not get a chance to go to their...  read more