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Букмекерская контора Bet3000 ставки в БК Bet 3000 отзывы и сайт

Bet3000 is the only USA bookmaker whose founder is the United State. In 1985, the FDJ, which deals with the national lottery, created Bet3000 in order to enter the sports betting market. Since then, having obtained its ARJEL license in 2010, Bet3000 has been one of the major USA bookmakers. Its promotions, its welcome bonus and combined bets make the betting experience dynamic and fun. Bet3000 also tries to keep recreational betting games responsible. Since a heavy digital investment, Bet3000 has a very intuitive and easy to use website. This makes it a site suitable for novice bettors. The official sports betting platform of the FDJ has a customer service open to all and which remains regularly available. This renowned industry officially sponsors major sports teams such as the two Ligue 1 Olympics: Marseille and Lyon. The NBA and Ligue 1 are also official partners of Bet3000.

Bet with Bet3000

Being a bookmaker founded by the USA government, Bet3000 wants to represent the vast majority of sports practiced in USA. Bet3000 offers one of the largest sports catalogs on the market. Here is their full list: Football, Tennis, Basketball, Rugby, Handball, Badminton, Baseball, Biathlon, Boxing, American Football, Formula 1, Golf, Ice Hockey, Rugby 7, XIII Rugby, Alpine Skiing, Cross-Country Skiing, Snooker, Sailing, Volleyball, Water Polo.

The odds offered by Bet3000 are among the most attractive of USA bookmakers. Bet3000 offers a wider catalog of sports than many of its competitors. It is possible to bet on around twenty different sports ranging from football, tennis, sailing and Formula 1. You can find fairly interesting odds for slightly less popular sports, such as cricket or cricket. Football odds are generally in the high to medium range of the market.

Bet3000-Shop in Passau

By choosing to place your sports bets with Bet3000, you have access to a catalog of promotions and challenges allowing you to vary the betting experience. The Match Choc challenge regularly offers free bets on major football or tennis matches. The Combi Joker offer is a promotion acting as insurance for your combined bets, in fact if the combined bets of at least five games, you can be reimbursed up to € 50 on your initial bet. The MVP Challenge is an NBA challenge and offers you the opportunity to bet on a player’s individual performances assists, scored points, rebounds, etc. A classification is established to reward the best bettors (up to € 1,000).

Bet live with Bet3000

Bet3000 now offers Live Streaming

Bet3000 offers you to bet live with its website or mobile application. That is to say that instead of making a prediction on the result of the match later, you can bet during the progress of the match. The odds change according to the tendencies of the match: injuries, red cards, goals. “Self-control and responsiveness are the watchwords for this type of bet!”. So go to the Bet3000 website to be able to use your intuitions.

Bonus Sports Bets

The welcome bonus that Bet3000 has designed is among the most advantageous on the market, because unlike many sports betting sites, the Bet3000 bonus takes the form of a refund not in the form of free bets, but reimburses your first cash bet. Indeed, the bonus works in the following way: after your complete registration on the Bet3000 en Ligne site, you will have the possibility of making a first secure bet on the platform. In other words, if your forecast is manifestly incorrect, the operator will reimburse you the entire amount wagered. It reimburses you 50% of the stake directly and then the other half is paid to you after the confirmation of your account.

The welcome bonus offered by Bet3000 is rather simple. After opening your FDJ account, the first bet you will make, if it turns out to be false, will be refunded to you entirely in the form of free bets within the following 30 days. Here is a detailed example of opening a player account on Bet3000

Bet3000 Bonus Code - Welcome Bonus Up To 200 EUR (May 2020)

Step 1 – To benefit from the welcome bonus, it is necessary to create your FDJ bettor account on Bet3000 Online. It involves registering with your email address and password. This is located at the top right of the Bet3000 en Ligne website by clicking on “Register”. It is not necessary to enter a Bet3000Sport promo code to take advantage of the welcome bonus. Once you have put your email, your personal information (name, first name, date of birth). If you want to be notified of other promotional offers from Bet3000, check the small box at the bottom of the page.

Step 2 – Make a 1st deposit of money (5 € minimum) on the site by choosing from the means of payment available on Bet3000 online (credit card VISA or Mastercard, PayPal, Paysafecard, etc.)

Step 3 – After depositing money into your player account, choose a 1st bet to be made on the site within 30 days of your registration. You can bet on any type of bet (single or combined bet, live bet, lotto football, etc.). If your bet wins, you pocket the winnings predicted by the odds of the bet. If your bet is losing, 50% of the bet will be refunded to you in the form of free bets or freebets within five days of the 1st bet. The remaining 50% of the welcome bonus will be credited to you once the confidential activation code has been entered in your player account.

Step 4 – To be properly registered as an official player on Bet3000 en ligne, it is also necessary to send two supporting documents by post. The first is a copy of an identity document (identity card, passport) as well as your bank details (RIB, IBAN). This step is necessary to be able to validate your account with the confidential code that you will receive later.

Step 5 – After receiving the mail containing the activation code, you will need to enter it into your FDJ account within 30 days. This step allows you to validate your FDJ account definitively and take advantage of the Bet3000Sport bonus online. By validating your FDJ player account, you can withdraw your winnings to your bank account.

By deciding to bet with Bet3000, you will have access to many regular promotions. On its site, you can find promotions linked to major sporting events (Champions League, NBA Finals, etc.) at all times. In addition to these limited time promotions, there is also the Bet3000 Club.

Bet3000 - 50 Euro Special Bonus For Paypal | Free Slots For Fun Only

“Match Choc” Free Bets : For certain important matches of the sports season, Bet3000s offers you free bets. This bonus is available for the Grand Slam finals in Tennis, for rivalry matches in football (PSG – OM, for example) or even in the Champions League.

Joker Combi: This offer is implemented when you participate in a “boosted combi” bet (a bet on the result of a series of matches) of at least 5 games. If one of your predictions turns out to be false, this promotion allows you to be reimbursed up to € 50 for your initial bet.

MVP Challenge: “Be the man of the match”. For one of their NBA promotions, Bet3000 offers you the possibility to bet on the individual performance of a player. Offering very attractive odds, this promo allows you to bet on individual player statistics: assists, scored points, rebounds, etc. Each night, and at the end of the period, a ranking is formed to reward the best bettors (up to € 1000 reward is available).

Bet3000 app

bet3000 Sportwetten App - zwei Apps für das mobile Wettvergnügen

With the Bet3000 application you can find all the same functionalities as on the sports betting site, but on your smartphone or tablet. It is available on iOS and Android. With a more striking and aesthetic style than on their website, the app allows you to connect faster to your account, especially with the connection which can be linked to your fingerprint (for some smartphones). Some “bugs” are noticeable but, as and when, their regular updates have fixed these problems and improved certain functionalities such as the validation of bets by “Flashcode”, which allows you to bet without having to take out your bank card .

Payment methods Bet3000

Bet3000 does not allow as many payment methods as these competitors. Indeed, the only alternative method of payment is with PayPal or Paysafecard. Of course, you can still use a normal Visa / MasterCard credit card or a Visa prepaid bank card.

Bet3000 withdrawals - Cash out your winnings now! | ScamTest

Paying money into your FDJ account is free. You just need to have access to a card issued by a financial institution whose domicile is a country of the European Union.

Step 1 – Log into your FDJ account then click on “ My Transactions – Manage my money ”.

Step 2 – After clicking on “ My Balance ”, you can now insert the desired amount and your banking information – card number, expiration date and visual cryptogram.

Step 3 – You can also check the box “ Save my information for my next payments ”, so as not to have to specify your information for each bet.

Once you have sent your documents and they have been validated for the opening of your account, you have enjoyed yourself by winning a bet. But how do you withdraw your money? Go to your FDJ account and click on “My transactions – Manage my money”. Then click on “Withdraw my winnings”. Enter the amount you want to withdraw. Obviously, this figure must be equal to or less than your account balance. The money will therefore go directly to your bank account. To speed up this process, you can activate an automatic deposit threshold. That is to say that you can indicate an amount and each time your winnings reach this threshold, the transfer will be made automatically. (The minimum threshold is € 50).

Social Networks

With more than 400,000 followers, all platforms combined (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram), it is quite interesting to see what Bet3000 is putting online, in order to see their brand new promotions and bonuses. Twitter Bet3000 remains the most active of the three. This page mixes humorous posts and updates on the new Bet3000 promotions. So, to be one of the first to be able to benefit from promotions or bonus offers, it would be advantageous to follow Twitter Bet3000.

Serious or Scam: Is Bet3000 reliable?

Top Ten Casino |

With its ARJEL license and its social commitment to support responsible betting, Bet3000 is among the best options for betting. Not only does the site offer you odds that are just as attractive as their competitors, but FDJ and Bet3000 help you with very good customer service and easily understandable web pages. Obtaining the official ARJEL license is obviously a sign of confidence. This means that the operator must follow certain rules in terms of respect for the customer (private data, respect for the age of customers, etc.). The administrative authority is responsible for controlling and regulating the bookmaker’s operations every quarter. So, Bet3000 is very trustworthy. All the more, Bet3000 is the official sponsor of Football (Ligue 1) and Basketball (NBA) leagues.


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