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Surebet Nigeria review

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Sure bets (betting arbitrage) is a mathematically calculated arbitrage situation that allows placing bets on all the opposing outcomes of the competition with different bookmakers. Therefore, sports betting turns into an investment method with more than a 10% yield of the amount invested on a monthly basis. You can say goodbye to unreliable profits and hello to arbitrage betting.

Mathematically arbitrage occurs when there are a set of odds, which represent all mutually exclusive outcomes that cover all state space possibilities (i.e. all outcomes) of an event, whose implied probabilities add up to less than 1. In the bettors’ slang, an arbitrage is often referred to as an arb; people who use arbitrage are called arbers.

Arbitrage betting is nothing to do with gambling despite what the word “betting” would suggest. Surebets make you a profit, no matter the outcome. The surebets finder scans more than 100 bookies and 30 sports. The software finds and calculates surebets. All you have to do is go to the bookmaker, place your stake and make a profit!

The Advantages and Disadvantages of this Calculator


With the Surebet calculator, we can confidently say there are no disadvantages, but that certainly doesn’t mean there are no pitfalls and challenges in placing these bets. One of the main problems is actually finding the bets to place in the first place, the Surebet bet calculator will without a doubt help you work out returns, but the effort is needed to find the bets in the first place. With practice using the tool, it does get easier to spot value odds and is a case of trial and error. Another factor is, believe it or not, bookmakers are not that fond of losing money. Win too much, and you could see your account closed or restricted without warning or explanation. With this in mind, try and rotate which bookmaker you use to place the winning bets with.

When to use this calculator? When shouldn’t you use this calculator?
You want to check the variance between bookmakers If you don’t have time to research thoroughly
To see how much stake to place with each bookmaker If you are self-excluded from gambling sites
To know the profit margin on a Surebet If you have a gambling-related problem

Interface and basic functionality website has a nice and welcoming design, and four language versions: Russian, English, German and French. Registration on the site takes a couple of minutes, and then you can concentrate on working with arbs.

A nice addition to the arbitrage scanner is the presence of extensive training materials section, which information would be useful to all newbies in arbs.

If we’re talking about the workspace of the scanner, it divides into 2 parts: the layout and settings/filters panel.

Moreover, the set of these settings is fairly traditional (filtering by income, sport, bookmaker, arb’ percent, etc). In general, everything as in other similar scanners.

As for layout, several settings are also built into its window. In front of each arb, there is an icon to switch to the calculator and hide menu. This menu is well organized, it is possible to hide a particular arb, event, bookmaker event and even a bet on the bookie.

Unfortunately, I have nothing special to say about the calculator, as it is quite usual, without any “bells and whistles”, although it has all the necessary functions for bets calculations.

Smoothly turning to “Middles” section we immediately note that the workspace of the scanner here is very similar to the arbitrage situations section. The only difference is the sorting.

For example, you can sort the middles by expected math value, odds, hit probability, overvalue, losing and winning. In the layout, there are additional parameters that indicate the possible loss in case a miss, the gain when hitting a middle and the probability of getting into.

The next section of Surebet scanner is valued bets. To begin with, let’s see what it’s all about and what it’s eaten with.

Value bet is, roughly speaking, an overvalued odd by a certain outcome of a particular bookmaker in relation to others. In fact, it’s when we place a bet only on one shoulder of the arb, on its initiator.

This Surebet section is pretty well organized, in the issued bets are immediately calculated several important parameters, namely hit probability and odd “overvaluation” degree.


surebet example_1000x665_10.png

Basically, you can for sure make some money with sure bets. But since the earnings per game are (very) low it will take you a good bit of time to increase your account drastically. But worth mentioning is that sure bets can be very useful to clear bonuses. Many bookies offer bonuses where you get some percentage of your deposit once you placed bets of a certain amount. But hence you can/should play sure bets with high stakes these bonuses can be cleared within no time and above all with no risk. Another interesting topic is back and lay betting at betting exchanges.

Subscription plans

Surebet arbitrage betting service offers its customers 3 subscription plans, one of which is free and has limited functionality:

  1. Free (0.00 $/month). It includes arbs and middles up to 1%, and also value bets.
  2. Professional (30.00 $/month). It contains middles up to 1%, arbs and value bets.>
  3. Professional + (33.00 $/month). The tariff includes arbs, middles and value bets without limitation.
Free Professional Professional+
0.00 $ 30.00 $ 33.00 $
Value bets + + +
Middles no no +
Surebets no + +

As you can see, prices are pretty low, what makes the service popular for newbies. Personally, I’m also a bit frustrated by the fact that arbitrage scanner doesn’t have a one-day subscription service suspension (freezing) option.

As for subscription payment, everything is fine as all popular payment methods are available, including Skrill, Neteller, Paysafecard and Visa/MasterCard.

Best Bonus to Play with on the Calculator


If you are interested in Surebets, you’ll need more than one bookmaker to use, as you are using the variance that exists between the odds offered between rival companies to make a profit. And when we say more than one, many is probably a better term. The more is better, each bookmaker you are with will have different odds, even if just slightly. It is exploiting these differences that make this system work. A huge benefit is that when you join a bookmaker, they all other incentives for you to choose them. Matched deposits, free bets, first bet insurance and many other promotions can be picked up. There are few things in life more satisfying than using free money from one bookmaker and using free money from another to return a guaranteed profit. But, please always read the terms and conditions before accepting any special deals as there could be wagering requirements in place.

The Surebet Win Compensation Plan

The Surebet Win compensation plan sees affiliates invest $100 or more and receive a daily ROI.

Exact daily ROI percentages are not specified having purportedly been derived from sports betting.

Referral Commissions

Surebet Win pay referral commissions on funds invested by recruited affiliates.

These commissions are paid out via two levels of recruitment (unilevel):

  • level 1 (personally recruited affiliates) – 10%
  • level 2 – 5%

A bonus 3% a month is paid on funds invested by personally recruited affiliates for up to 12 months, provided those affiliates keep money invested in the system.

Team Leader Bonus

If a Surebet Win affiliate convinces personally recruited affiliates to invest $10,000, they receive 3% of their entire downline’s invested volume each month.

Surebet Terms and Conditions


The platform has various terms and conditions which users have to adhere to play and win, they include:

  • Cash Out and Partial Cash Out are available only for live and pre-live markets, single & acca bets, system bets are not eligible.
  • Cash out is not available on forecast and tricast bets
  • Minimum partial cash out is equal to minimum bet amount for the bet
  • Maximum partial cash out is the full cash out amount minus minimum permitted bet amount
  • Acca bets placed with system bets are not eligible for cash out or partial cash out
  • Cash out offers are available for a specific time frame and the company reserves the right to disable the feature at any time
  • Free Bets are not eligible for cash out
  • Cash out bets do not contribute to any sports promotion rollover requirements
  • Bets can be rejected if they are above the maximum allowed bet amount, they can also be cancelled according to betting rules of certain sports and more. Bets cannot be cancelled by you once you place them but you can use the cash out feature to stop the bet and still make money.
  • Bonuses are given to loyal customers and can be found under Active Bonuses or Bonus History tabs in the My Account menu you can access by clicking your name at the top of the homepage.
  • The promotions page contains information about offers for all customers, it consists of monthly offers, unique promos and specials.

Surebet Cashout

With Surebet, customers can cash out on single game and accumulator bets before they end in case you are having doubts about your bet, to use the service, click the cash out link on your “My Bets” section of your bet slip which will show you how much you will get due to early cash out.

There is also the partial cash out option where you can collect a part of your winnings and leave the remaining part active.

Surebet Review – The Verdict


Overall there isn’t a ton of information on it, but there system seems to be legit…

According to their website:

To start making money with the surebet win system you need to send order/s of the surebets you have selected and then wait for the game to end, the betting company with the winning stake will send back the money via the api (auto programming interphase) to our system and money will be credited to your account soon there after.

But then they started to talk about “auto-betting” which is a massive risk:

The auto mode allows the system to pick a surebet for you when you are away or asleep to avoid missing out on business.

The system uses a sophisticated [sic] algorithm to make the decision on you behalf on surebet processing.

If they truly did crack the code, don’t you think everyone will be in on this?

SureBets Win doesn’t pass the logic test there…

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